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Oogaa…Making Feeding Fun

Oogaa really is making feeding fun with their wonderful spoons, mealtime sets and non-slip placemats that I am in love with, these are just so wonderful and I am so excited to tell you about Oogaa products. Of course my Lil Wee had to give his seal of approval and boy did he approve. His favorite piece… why the Choo Choo Train Spoon…too cute and very easy for little hands to hold. Oogaa starts with bright colors and playful little Oogaa characters, Euna, Marlo, Fungo and Opal that provide a fun mealtime experience. Oogaa spoons are made of soft flexible silicone that is gentle on baby’s gums and toddlers sensitive teeth. No need to worry about these pieces chipping if a certain Lil Wee drops the bowl that’s for sure. The bowls as well as the placemats are also made of soft flexible silicone. Oogaa Silicone is certified BPA FREE, CPSIA, and FDA safe-chemical approved. Some facts on Silicone:
*Silicone will not deteriorate or corrode like plastic products
*Silicone will not promote the growth of fungus, mold or bacteria
*Silicone is odorless and tasteless
*Silicone is heat resistant and freezer safe, dishwasher and microwave safe
Oogaa’s mission is to provide affordable, safe, durable and sustainable products that surpass the strictest health codes. The end goal is to reduce the amount that we throw away.
Oogaa prices range from $5.99 for the Train and Airplane Spoons, $8.99 for the Non-Slip Placemats to $16.99 for the Mealtime Set which is the Bowl with two spoons. For more information visit their website at

*I was not paid for this post, Oogaa provided me samples for review. The opinions  as always are my own.

Lil Wee and the Washing Machine…and the wash goes round and round…just mesmerizing!

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