IMAG0701-1-1-1 I was introduced to these adorable pets at the New York  International Toy Fair this year. What are Scanimalz you ask, well they from SCANdinavia, sometimes have SCANic attacks, like to do SCANnon balls and make SCANtastic pets! Scanimalz from Wicked Cool Toys are cute, cuddly soft plush pets that have  QR codes on their bellies that are scanned and unlock the world to SCANtastic adventures.  Boys and girls alike will love the technology and interaction that comes with the Scanimalz world. This is unique in that the App prompts kids to scan their pet’s belly on a daily basis , and offers optional plush notifications alerting players to special scanning days, events,  and letting them earn points, thus will keep your child connected to their pet.

It’s easy to enter into the Scanimalz world…

1. Download the free iOS or Android Scanimalz App
2. Scan the one-time code on the bottom to unlock
3. Scan the QR code on the Scanimalz belly to play games
4. Earn Scantz points
5. Work your way up the Daily Leader Board

The App is FREE and the plush is affordable at the $9.99 price point. Scanimalz are available at Toy R” Us and other retailers nationwide.

Age wise, their website really doesn’t say, but to me the technology is really for an older child (8-12) but the games seem to be geared for a younger child (4-8).

The games are really fun and kept my 4-year-old interested. We also took it out on daily outings that required transit trips and it kept him quiet and engaged until we reached our destination, which of course is a big plus in my book. Mixing cuddly plush with virtual gaming technology and it definitely comes out a winner! This is one cool toy!

Wicked Cool Toys generously provided me a Limited Edition (highly collectible, 1 out of 1000 Scanimalz Plush Purple Bear to Giveaway.

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*Wicked Cool Toys provided me with a Scanimalz Plush Toy for this Giveaway. All opinions are my own*