ImageImageOur Generation Dolls by Battat are 18 inch poseable dolls that carry the message that girls in this, their generation are amazing and powerful! As the company states “It’s about girls coming together and creating the narrative of an extraordinary generation.”  The line of Our Generation Dolls and accessories is quite large. There is the regular doll that comes with one outfit and the deluxe doll set that comes with a book, extra outfit and accessories. Our Generation Dolls are similar to American Girl Dolls except the price point is much more friendlier. Prices range from $22.99 for the 18 inch regular doll to $32.99 for the deluxe doll set. Some of the other accessories include salon chairs, beds, horses that the dolls can “ride on”, bikes, cars, kitchen sets and so much more. Truly a wonder collection of dolls and accessories that your girl will truly love and enjoy!

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*WeeBaby was sent a sample for review. All opinions as always are my own.*