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20140721-110356-39836884.jpgCome meet the new doll collection from Madame Alexander! The Legend of Oz 12 inch cloth doll collection has arrived! This collection is based on the animated feature film Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return which opened in theaters nationwide on May 9, 2014. This 3D animated musical is based on the adventure books by Rodger Stanton Baum, the great-grandson of L. Frank Baum. This tale is a continuation of the beloved Wizard of Oz. The Legends of Oz finds Dorothy walking to post-tornado Kansas, only to be whisked back to Oz to help save it and her old friends the Scarecrow , the Lion, the Tin Man and Glinda from a new villain, the Jester. This magical tale is a family friendly addition to the Oz franchise. Madame Alexander has always celebrated pop culture and entertainment and continues to do so with this exclusive collection of The Legend of Oz Dolls. The collection is made up of six of the film’s beloved characters: Dorothy, Glinda, China Princess, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion and Tin Man! These 12 inch cloth dolls retail for $15.00 and are beautifully detailed. The Legends of Oz collection Can be purchased at

*I am on the Madame Alexander Mom Advisory Board. Samples were provided for review purposes and all opinions are my own.*








20140414-032652.jpgI am beyond excited to be a member of the Madame Alexander Mom Advisory Board for 2014. I am going to be able to share all the wonder, that is Madame Alexander! Let me tell you a little about how this magical company came to be. Madame Alexander Doll Company was founded in 1923 by Madame Beatrice Alexander Behrman whose father owned the first Doll Hospital in America. It was here that she played with the dolls waiting to be mended. Beatrice Alexander believed in the American dream and started her own doll company. Her vision focused on the belief that dolls should engage the imagination and aid in a child’s happiness. Madame Alexander Dolls continue  to delight children and collectors all over the world. With Madame Alexander Dolls you get handcrafted quality that is impeccable even to this day.

Madame Alexander has an extensive doll line that includes Baby Dolls, Newborn Nursery Dolls, 18″ Dolls, Character Dolls, Madame’s Best which include the 90th Anniversary Collection, Americana, Ballerinas and Fairies, Broadway and the Movies, Fashion, Holiday, International, Special Occasions, Women of Fashion and History and the Storyland collection.

I just adore the Storyland collection and was ecstatic when I received the (Alice in Wonderland) Alice in Her Red Dress 8-inch collectible doll for review as part of the Mom Advisory Board for Madame Alexander. Alice in Her Red Dress is an exquisite, fully articulated blonde,browned eyed doll that is a girl’s dream come true. I felt like a little girl again when I received her myself! Her dress is red crepe-backed satin that has puffed sleeves that are made from the satin side of the fabric, while the skirt features the crepe side of the same fabric. With a white collar and ruffled apron hem her dress is perfection. Top that off with a black headband and black patent Mary Jane’s, Alice is complete. Alice in Her Red Dress is available for $99.95 and is for age 14 and up. 20140414-032540.jpg20140414-040231.jpg


For more information as well as to view all of the Madame Alexander Dolls and Gifts available please visit

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* WeeBaby is a Mom Advisory Board member for the Madame Alexander Doll Company and received a sample for review. All opinions are my own.






ImageImageImageImageImageB. Toys are not your usual toys. B. Toys are inspired by the world, childhood, travel and other things that provide a moment of delight. B. Toys is committed to children and the world in which they live. All the packaging is designed using recycled materials, the boxes become pretty trays and even revert to become a gift wrapped box. B. Toys goal is to be much bigger than just a toy company. B. Toys want to be the voice of children…to say that it is all right to Be You!

B. Toys are creative and whimsical and bring out the imagination in your child. I love B. Toys for all of these reasons.  Here are some of my favorite B. Toys,

1. Meowsic (2-6 years) Instruments & 5 rhythm sounds, 20 familiar songs, 7 witty kitty songs , Retractable sing-along mic, Lyrics included, Control volume, beat & tempo, Meowsic purrs itself off with an auto-off feature.

2. Build-a-ma-jigs Submaplane (3-8 years) Comes with 29 pieces, a power drill that has 3 interchangeable bits that sound and work like a real drill, build a submarine or airplane, can be used with other Build-a-ma-jigs sets.

3. You Turns (1-5 years) Your little one is in the driver’s seat now steering the little car around. Forward, reverse, neutral, horn sounds, LED light blinkers, a variety of driving songs, screen lights up for night driving and it flips over and doubles as a pillow for road trips!

4. WeeMD (18 months-5 years) The perfect doctor play kit includes 14 pieces including a house calls case, Clipboard with paper, Reflex checker hammer, Otoscope (aka “earchecker”), Thermometer, Bandage for Boo-Boos, MD name tag, Stethoscope with heartbeat sound, Blood pressure cuff with gauge and spinning needle, Tweezers, Safe syringe, Just-as-safe scissors, Beeper with light and sound for busy little doctors.

5. Illuminated Teepee (3-8 years) This beautiful and magical teepee lights up from within. It is roomy with 11 pieces that are easy to assemble and easy to put away. Designed with gorgeous patterns and colors inspired by world travels. Once inside, pull the lantern’s cord and discover a magical light show. Colorful stars are projected all around!

My little one loves his Build-a-ma-jigs Submaplane and plays with it for hours. Now that says a lot about a toy…love B. Toys for that reason. Keeps a child’s attention and imagination going for hours!

Learn more about B. Toys at

*WeeBaby was not compensated for this post, but did received a sample for review purposes. All opinions as always are my own.*

Our Generation Dolls


ImageImageOur Generation Dolls by Battat are 18 inch poseable dolls that carry the message that girls in this, their generation are amazing and powerful! As the company states “It’s about girls coming together and creating the narrative of an extraordinary generation.”  The line of Our Generation Dolls and accessories is quite large. There is the regular doll that comes with one outfit and the deluxe doll set that comes with a book, extra outfit and accessories. Our Generation Dolls are similar to American Girl Dolls except the price point is much more friendlier. Prices range from $22.99 for the 18 inch regular doll to $32.99 for the deluxe doll set. Some of the other accessories include salon chairs, beds, horses that the dolls can “ride on”, bikes, cars, kitchen sets and so much more. Truly a wonder collection of dolls and accessories that your girl will truly love and enjoy!

You can learn more about Our Generation Dolls at


*WeeBaby was sent a sample for review. All opinions as always are my own.*


ImageImageImageImageImageI have been a fan of Cloud b products since my son was a baby. It all started for me with the Sleep Sheep, an adorable cuddly companion and toy that soothes baby to sleep with calming “white noise” sounds. Well let me tell you that this little Sheep help get mama some much needed sleep!  And so I was sold on Cloud b. Cloud b was founded in 2002 and is a pioneer in creating products and programs that help children sleep. Cloud b has become a trusted name with parents worldwide with their award-winning products that are developed with an Advisory Board of pediatricians, teachers and parents to create products that soothe and comfort children. Recently I was sent the Twilight Carz from Cloud b. an adorable little red race car that will take care of your little one from night to day. It features fully functioning wheels that roll , the headlights and tail lights work independently of each other for daytime fun. After lights out it features projections of cool lightning bolts and stars, along with illuminating headlights and tail lights that are set to a 45-minute timer. It is a sturdy  well made toy, just as you would expect from Cloud b. Twilight Carz ensures complete darkness during your child’s sleep, as recommended by pediatricians. My little one is four years old and just loves his red Twilight Carz. He plays with it all day and grabs it as soon as it is bed time…lights out!

Twilight Carz require 3 AAA batteries that are included. It retails for $30-$32 and is available at retailers nationwide.

Be sure to check out all of cloud b products at

You can also follow them on Facebook and on Twitter: @cloud_b




*WeeBaby was sent a sample for review, and all opinions are my own*




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